tisdag 3 december 2013

Lucka 3: Syskonkärlek

"Dysfunctional families are all alike. Ditto "survivors".
Me, I'm the "surviving" child of an infamous American family but probably after almost ten years you won't remember me: Skyler.
It is a catchy name isn't it? Skyler: sky.
A name specifically chosen by my father, who'd expected great things from me, as his firstborn child, and male.
A name my father Bix Rampike believed, to set it's bearer apart from the merely commonplace.
My last name – "Rampike" – has caused your eyelids to flutter right? Ram-pike. Of which, unless you're willfully obtuse, or pretending to be "above it all" (i.e. the ravaged earth of tabloid America), or mentally impaired, or really young, you've certainly heard."

Bok: My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike
Författare: Joyce Carol Oates (1938-)
Utgivningsår: 2008
Läs också: Bellefleur (1980),  Rape: A Love Story (2003), Dödgrävarens dotter (2008)
Om författaren: Joyce Carol Oates är kanske känd som en av vår tids mest produktiva författare. Bibliografin upptar 132 verk fördelat på romaner, novellsamlingar, kortromaner, essäer, memoarer, diktsamlingar, deckare och ungdomsböcker sedan debuten 1964. Oates är också en evig kandidat till Nobelpriset i litteratur. 

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